5 Important Tips for Choosing Safe Toys for Kids

Tips of Choosing Safe toys for kids

Kids love to play with toys, they are true childhood companions for them. But have you ever thought How safe are these Toys? Of course, you thought about it that is why you are searching for safety tips.

I have seen many parents who are not concerned about the toys their children play with. It’s good to know that at least some parents/ guardians like you are careful in choosing toys for children.

The most important question is Why you should be careful before buying toys?

Toys are an integral part of childhood. Nobody can ever imagine a childhood without any toys. Therefore, toys are very important for children, not only for their play value but also for the skills that children develop while playing with it.

Now, it is important to understand a few more things that children do while playing with toys.

  • Children aged 0-2 years may frequently take toys in their mouths.
  • Rolling toys on the floors of the house or other such surfaces that may carry germs and dirt.
  • Holding sharp-edged sides of toys with their little fingers.
  • Putting toys in the water and many more such things that can harm children.

There are a huge number of toys available in the market which contains toxic materials which are very harmful to children. You must be careful while selecting the best toys for your children. Below are the tips that you should see before buying toys.

1. Age Group for Choosing Safe Toys

Age is a very mandatory factor when you are buying toys for your children. You must see on the product box or when you are buying online, you must check for the minimum age suggested by the manufacturer. Many parents and gift-givers do not check the minimum age of the product before buying. It is like checking the expiry date on packaged food material. If you buy toys that are not age-appropriate, it may harm your child in any way. Blocks made for a 3-year-old child may contain small parts and pieces as the child of 3 years age has developed the knowledge that toys are not be eaten. But if you gift the same blocks to a 1-year-old baby, he can take that small part in the mouth and it can cause choking to the baby. So this is an important factor in choosing safe toys for kids.

2. Physical Design & Quality for Choosing Safe Toys

By physical design and quality of the toys, we mean the look & feel. Are there any holes in the toys where the child’s fingers may get stuck and hurt? Are there any sharp edges that can cut or harm the soft skin of the child? Are the batteries compartment or any wiring of the toy open where the baby can touch and harm himself? You should look for these types of questions when you are buying a toy. You should have the touch and feel of the product before you buy it. Even if you buy toys online, you can return if there are any such issues with the toys. For choosing safe toys for kids you must look at the physical design & quality.

3. Paint for Choosing Safe Toys

I could have kept this in the above tip of look and feel but it is of immense importance to check paint of toys. While buying a toy you must check the paint quality of the toy. Is the paint easily removable? Does it remove with water easily? Is the paint toxic? Does it contain lead? These are the questions that you must ask the toy seller before buying it. There are many manufacturers who are using paint on their toys. Paints used on many plastic toys contain ‘LEAD‘ which is very harmful to children. Don’t forget, this can have a deep impact on children’s health as well.

4. Other Instruction by the Manufacturer for Choosing Safe Toys

The box or user manual of the toys may contain certain instructions. How to use the product? How to assemble? If it’s a DIY toy, does it requires adult guidance or supervision? How to recycle the product after use? Many parents do not even see these things on the product box or manual. Make it a habit to see what your children are playing with. When you buy a car for yourself, don’t you ask it’s features and other important things to the salesman? Then why not for children’s toys? Just because toys are cheaper than a car, does not mean they do not deserve your attention. Your children’s safety is in your hands, be careful while choosing toys.

5. Brand or Manufacturer for Choosing Safe Toys

This is another important tip for choosing safe toys for kids. Did you know many products imported from China do not even qualify the basic tests, making toys more harmful for children? The Indian government recently has been taking some measures for the testing of imported toys through BIS certified toys. Soon you might see BIS mark on toys whether imported or Indian. You need to check who is the manufacturer and how reliable he is? Does he have the right and basic certifications like BIS or EN71 (European Quality standards) for making toys? Check this before you buy it from any toy.

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So next time you buy toys for your children, think that you are buying a car for yourself. Keep in mind the tips above and then buy. You are a parent or guardian, you know what is best for your children.

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