5 Must-Have Toys for 1-Year-Old Baby

While purchasing toys for kids, it’s crucial to ensure that the products are age appropriate. Some toys have small pieces that can pose a choking hazard for little ones, so make sure you don’t miss to check if the product’s age recommendation includes 1 year old.

1 year is a key development age where babies are learning all sorts of physical and mental skills. At the age of 1 the child starts walking steadily, climbing stairs, start speaking a few words, and enjoy stories. As such, it’s often beneficial to purchase toys that encourage babies to develop these skills. Also check our Gift Guide 2020 for 0-2 Years Infants & Toddlers.

1. Pull Along Toys

Funskool Roly Poly Turtle pull along toy

This Funskool Pull Along toy has topped my list and is one of my favourite toy. It encourages walking which is the key learning of a child in this age. The bright colours attracts the attention of the little ones. It also develops balance and coordination, stimulates senses. It also develops both fine & gross motor skills and encourages curiosity and discovery. Whenever the toy is being pulled by the kids, the spinning wheel inside the shell rotates and changes colors.

2. Links, Stack & Nest Toy set

Stack toys, link toys

Do you feel that today we are so obsessed with our cell phones? Due to social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Because they have so much content on it for everybody that we can’t get our eyes off them. Similarly, this toy set can give a child an endless fun. The children can link, build and stack a huge leap of imagination with this toy set.

The Funskool Link, Stack & Nest toy set for kids is a good way to introduce your kids to the world of shapes and colors. Interlocking the stars, stacking the drums, and nesting the eggs into each other will help to develop your child’s creative abilities. Kids can also enhance their thinking and concentration skills while creating various interlocking patterns. Alternatively, link the stars together and teach your child how to count. These toys have smooth and curved edges. Therefore, it is harmless to the little fingers. Get your child one today!

3. Ride Ons

Luvlap Rider for kids

Imagine yourself sitting into your dream car, may be an Audi or Mercedes or a BMW or may be any other SUV car like Range Rover. Does it gives a great feeling? I think so.

The children like to imitate their elders, maybe Mom or Dad or any other family member they have been with. When they see you driving, they also like to sit with you on the driver seat and control the car. This ride-on car looks like a Range Rover. It is baked with features like Music & Light, a Horn, under-seat storage. The big and wide wheels helps grip the ride on to any flat surface. The backrest tends to be an anti-fall feature of the car. Ride on develops gross motor skills in the most fun way.

4. Toyzone Baby Lion Tricycle

Toyzone Baby Lion Tricycle for 12 months baby

Take your babies out for a walk, where you walk and they enjoy exploring the world with their little eyes. Why not take them in a royal ride? May be a tricycle instead of a pram/stroller.

When your baby turns 1 and starts walking steadily, it’s time to get them a baby tricycle. Babies are no more comfortable in the safety belts of the strollers, they want space to feel free to play and explore. This Baby Lion Tricycle will give them ultimate joy and fun. This tricycle may remain with the babies till they age 4-5.

This is a convertible baby tricycle with 2 usage modes-

  • During the age 1 year babies cannot walk properly and their feet do not touch the tricycle peddle, the parental handle helps parents to take them around. While the footrest and armrest ensures the safety of the baby.
  • After the age of 2 years, when the baby feet can reach tricycle peddle, the accessories in the tricycle like footrest, armrest & parental handle can be removed and the baby can easily ride the tricycle.
  • So the most interesting benefit of this tricycle is the life of the product. 

5. Mega Blocks Set of 80 pcs

Fisher Price Mega Blok Set for kids

A staple in playrooms everywhere, these Mega Bloks are a perfect first foray into the world of block building. This classic set comes with 80 brightly colored blocks for lots of building fun. Cleanup is also easy as they come in their own storage bag.

Made for little fingers, they’re the perfect size for stacking, building and smashing… then starting all over again. They can create towers, buildings, creatures, and whatever their little minds can dream up. It’s a great activity to build motor skills and bring out their creativity too. These are also compatible with other Mega Blok sets, so you can continue to build on the fun with the purchase of other sets for even bigger and more impressive designs.

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